Vol 22 - Issue 31


Topology Predicts VR Growth

by Tom Allen

Global shipments of VR devices will rise to 14 million units next year, according to Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute. The firm said that that its prediction was based on VR’s ‘clear market positioning’ and …

Tags:Market Data| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Reality| Vol 22 - Issue 31| Worldwide

4 Million Homes Suffer 4G Interference

by Tom Allen

Roughly 4 million homes in Spain are having their DTT signals affected by interference from 4G networks on the 800MHz band. These homes will have to install a filter to compensate. Installation will be …

Tags:3G & 4G| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Spain| Terrestrial (DTT)| Vol 22 - Issue 31

WD Works With Fox and Samsung for UHD Storage

by Tom Allen

Western Digital has shown off a new storage device for UltraHD content. The ‘My Passport Cinema’ drive uses the Vidity system (Hollywood’s UltraHD Service Becomes Vidity). It will work with Vidity-compatible displays and other …

Tags:4k| Fox| Large Display Monitor| Samsung| storage| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 31

Matchstick Fizzles in DRM Tears

by Tom Allen

The Matchstick streaming dongle (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 26) – a Chromecast rival using Mozilla’s Firefox OS – will not be launched. Despite being funded on Kickstarter earlier this year (Matchstick Sparks Kickstarter …

Tags:Crowdfunding (Kickstarter etc)| Large Display Monitor| Streaming Dongles| Vol 22 - Issue 31

NEC Raises Funds for Deafblind People

by Tom Allen

A golf tournament in the UK has raised £21,000 for charity. The tournament, at Buckinghamshire Golf Club, was co-organised by NEC Display Solutions. The aim was to collect money for Sense International, a global …

Tags:Back Panel| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| NEC| Vol 22 - Issue 31

NEC Result 20-07-15

by Yvette Raikes

NEC saw Q1 net losses of ¥10.0 billion ($80.78 million), down on losses of ¥10.1 billion ($81.46 million) in the same quarter last year, on revenue which fell 2% to ¥586.6 billion ($4.73 billion) …

Tags:Financial Data| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| NEC| Vol 22 - Issue 31

Mitsubishi Result 01-08-2015

by Yvette Raikes

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation reported Q1 net profits of ¥46.3 billion ($373 million), up 8% from last time’s ¥43.0 billion ($347 million), on revenue which rose 9% to ¥988.4 billion ($8.0 billion) from ¥910.6 billion …

Tags:Financial Data| Large Display Monitor| Mitsubishi| Vol 22 - Issue 31

Fujitsu Result 31-07-15

by Yvette Raikes

Fujitsu Limited posted Q1 net losses of ¥18.9 billion ($153 million), compared with profit in the same period a year ago of ¥6.9 billion ($56 million), on revenue which slipped to ¥1.065 trillion ($8.59 …

Tags:Financial Data| Fujitsu| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 31

Goldgenie Commemorates Cecil the Lion

by Tom Allen

Several HTC phones have been customised in the past, with special logos and designs, including the One M8 Tattoo (HTC Takes The Needle to a Smartphone) and One M9 Ink (Inking Up With HTC). …

Tags:Back Panel| HTC| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Vol 22 - Issue 31

Empire State Projection Shines a Light on Extinction

by Tom Allen

A light has been shone on the face of the world’s largest-ever extinction event – literally. 40 digital projectors were used recently to project video onto the Empire State Building in New York, for …

Tags:Back Panel| Large Display Monitor| Projection| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 31

Mid-Range Sony Phones Suit Consumer and Commercial Use

by Tom Allen

Two premium smartphones have been unveiled by Sony. Although designed for the consumer markets, certain features may give them enterprise appeal. Both run Android 5.0. The Xperia C5 Ultra is a 6″ phablet (with …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| sony| Vol 22 - Issue 31

Computer Graphics Continue Steady Growth

by Tom Allen

Since it was established in the 1970s, the computer graphics market has been a growth industry. Recessions have come and gone, but new features and applications – UltraHD, the move to mobile – have …

Tags:Graphics Software| Jon Peddie Research (JPR)| Large Display Monitor| Market Data| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 31