Vol 22 - Issue 25


Rumour: Bottlenecks Push Apple Away From In-Cell

by Tom Allen

Supply chain sources say that, due to bottlenecks with in-cell touch production, Apple may return to glass-on-glass touch. Touch panel makers are trying to create GoG panels that would enable future iPhones to be …

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Broadcom Raises UltraHD Efficiency

by Tom Allen

Broadcom’s new chip, for home gateways and UltraHD STBs, is said to raise UltraHD video decode efficiency, with a 25% reduction in bandwidth use (compared to Broadcom’s previous generation). As well as raising decode …

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Beam 6 2015

Visit AWE 2015 Conference via Robot – AWEsome!

by Norbert Hildebrand

This week the AWE 2015 conference in Santa Clara was the playground for all things AR/VR, wearable and IoT. The conference and exhibition is growing, drawing more and more attendance and mirroring the general …

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