Vol 22 - Issue 24


And Finally… – Vol 22 No 24

by Tom Allen

The IoT is getting crowded. Connected wigs, lightbulbs, bras – it’s hard to find a niche. Intel is trying, though, with a connected nappy (diaper, for you Americans) at Computex. When baby has an …

Tags:Back Panel| Computex 2015| Intel| Internet of Things IOT| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 24

SEL Shows ‘Seamless’ OLED Video Wall

by Tom Allen

Photo credit: OLED-NetJapan’s Semiconductor Energy Laboratory and Advanced Film Device co-developed an 81″ 8k video wall, using SEL’s OLED displays. 36 13.5″ flexible OLED screens were used in the project, said Ron Mertens of …

Tags:Flexible Displays| Japan| Large Display Monitor| LFD - Large Format Display| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL)| SID Display Week 2015| Vol 22 - Issue 24

LG Readies Curved Monitors

by Tom Allen

After seeing a German listing for a selection of LG monitors, we questioned the model numbers with LG. Four units were covered in the German source: the 34UM95C, 34UC87C, 34UC97C and 29UC97C – we …

Tags:21:9| Curved Displays| Desktop Monitors| Large Display Monitor| LG Electronics (LGE)| Vol 22 - Issue 24

drops on rain leaf GkBhowYd

Educational 3D Bits and Bytes

by Len Scrogan

It seems there is no let up in the rain here in Colorado during our ‘monsoon’ season, but at least the landscape is in full bloom with beautiful hues of green. Events and developments …

Tags:3D (Three Dimensions)| 3D Content Creation| 3D software| Education| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 24

3D by Any Other Name

by Len Scrogan

The ISTE 3D Network is a special interest group (or personal learning network) of educators within the International Society for Technology in Education that are interested in the promise of 3D in K-20 learning. …

Tags:3D (Three Dimensions)| 3D software| Education| Vol 22 - Issue 24