SEL Shows ‘Seamless’ OLED Video Wall

Photo credit: OLED-NetJapan’s Semiconductor Energy Laboratory and Advanced Film Device co-developed an 81″ 8k video wall, using SEL’s OLED displays.

36 13.5″ flexible OLED screens were used in the project, said Ron Mertens of OLED-Info. Each of the screens had ‘transparent edges’, for a more seamless join with neighbouring units (although the image shows that the end result is not as seamless as SEL originally claimed).

We understand that the displays were manufactured by SEL itself, which has been working on flexible OLEDs for several years; a 13.5″ unit was shown off at SID 2013 (Display Monitor Vol 19 No 24).

There was no word on whether SEL intends to commercialise the displays when we went to press.