Bit rates

The Future of 3D display and the Emergence of Holographic TV

by Bob Raikes

What They Say A paper in Light:Advanced Manufacturing that looked at the development of different communication and display technologies based on their bit rates. The article highlights the challenges that need to be overcome …

Tags:Holographic Displays| Holography| Stereo 3D| Stereopsis

Displays for the Brain – Part 2

by Kenneth Li

In Displays for the Brain – Part 1, the basic relationship between the inputs and the brain was described in non-biological and non-physiologic terms. The basic idea behind the concept is “it is not …

Tags:3D (Three Dimensions)| 3D Cinema| Stereopsis| Vol 24 - Issue 23

Is Shifted 2D Content Fake 3D?

by Arthur Berman

The cost and complexity of capturing stereoscopic 3D video or of converting conventional 2D video to stereoscopic 3D in post-production can be considerable. With this the case, producers of stereoscopic 3D content occasionally use …

Tags:3D (Three Dimensions)| Human Visual System (HVS)| Stereopsis| Stereovision| Vol 24 - Issue 15

I love VR / I hate VR: The Janus Incidence

by Len Scrogan

With much fanfare and waves of excitement, the year 2016 has been heralded as the long foretold “year of VR.” Each week at least one article appears in the press, creating a market energy …

Tags:Education| Stereopsis| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 11

Amblyz Glasses Use LCD Shutters for Treating “Lazy Eye”

by Norbert Hildebrand

Once 3D TV technology for the home disappeared from the radar, many 3D glasses suppliers faced a downturn of their business outlook and started to look for other business opportunities. One of those companies …

Tags:Active Shutter 3D| Mobile Display Monitor| Stereopsis| Vol 22 - Issue 46