Archos Releases Low-cost Gear VR Competitor

by Super User

French company Archos is to release a low-cost competitor to Samsung’s Gear VR (and, we guess, Google Cardboard), with the Archos VR Glasses. Like the Samsung and Google offerings, Archos’ ‘headset’ is more like …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| SmartGlasses| Stereo 3D| Vol 21 - Issue 42| Volume 21

SMI Refreshes Eye Tracking Glasses for OEMs

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Sensomotric Instruments (SMI) has developed a glasses-type eye-tracking platform for OEM use. The ‘Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless’ product is designed for integration into head-mounted displays and smartglasses. It is an iteration on the …

Tags:Gaze Recognition| HMDs (Head Mounted Displays)| Mobile Display Monitor| SmartGlasses| Vol 21 - Issue 43| Volume 21