SID Display Week 2016


New High-Bright Sharp Agriculture-Grade LCDs Go to Extremes

by Isaac Oburu

Today, Sharp introduced two new high-performance displays optimized to perform in extreme industrial environments such as agriculture (harvesters, tractors), marine navigation, and others. The new 10.4” (diagonal) SVGA TFT display delivers 1000 nits of …

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SID Display Week Will Be a Highlight Again in 2016

by Bob Raikes

SID’s 2016 Display Week is looking especially interesting this year. As last year, the event has stayed on the West coast of the US, in San Francisco, where so many key display customers are …

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Fraunhofer Uses FEP to Boost OLED Resolution

by Bob Raikes

Fraunhofer’s FEP (Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology) is to present two papers at the forthcoming SID event on a new way of creating OLEDs with very high pixel density using …

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SEL Will Show ‘Hybrid’ Display at SID

by Tom Allen

Although little information has been released so far, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory says that it has developed a hybrid OLED-and-LCD display. Created in partnership with Advanced Film Device, the prototype uses an OLED display on …

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Aixtron Deposition Tool Enabling OLED TV Production

by Chris Chinnock

To reduce the costs of OLED TV production, producers need to move to Gen 8 size substrates at a minimum. To get there, Aixtron has developed and is now doing demonstration runs on it …

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ICDM Schedules Meeting at SID

by Tom Allen

The ICDM will hold its next meeting during SID Display Week, on the 24th May. Running from 6pm – 9pm in San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Centre, elections will be held for the ICDM Executive …

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Display Week Comes to San Francisco

by Bob Raikes

After a succesful event in San Jose in 2015, SID Display Week 2016 is moving to San Francisco. The Display Daily team will be at the show and we’re working to help companies that …

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