SID Display Week Will Be a Highlight Again in 2016

SID’s 2016 Display Week is looking especially interesting this year. As last year, the event has stayed on the West coast of the US, in San Francisco, where so many key display customers are based and we hear that registrations are already up. Samsung has come back to the exhibition and recent comments about the company’s plans (or lack of them) for large OLEDs are bound to be a hot topic. Other hot topics that come to mind are:

  • Micro LEDs – there will be much discussion of whether this can be a disruptive technology (“The Only Disruptive Technology at Display Week”)
  • The Quantum Dot makers will be there in force and, no doubt, competing strongly. Osram’s announcement in December of LEDs with QDs will be a hot topic. (Osram Offers LEDs with QD Boost (Updated 3/12/15 – subscription needed)
  • Hanging over the event will be the ‘open secret’ that Apple is expected to switch to flexible OLEDs for its iPhones in the next couple of years
  • How will LG react to the news from Samsung on large OLED? LG has looked to work with Samsung to help develop large OLED technology and the supply chain. Will it stay alone, now, or look for partners elsewhere?
  • What about small pitch LEDs? These have been the stars of the A/V shows for the last year or two, but the next generation of direct-mounted LEDs is nearly here.

We’ll be at the show with a team to cover the news and we’ll publish articles, releases and videos. If you’d like to get our support in promoting your activities or have a news story you want to share with us, contact us.

For a perspective on the change at SID over more than twenty years check Display Week is Annual Highlight