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Allente Launches B2B Hospitality TV Service Powered by 3SS

by Artem Alekseenko

3 Screen Solutions (3SS), a leading provider of software solutions for set-top boxes (STB) and multiscreen entertainment, announces that major Nordic region pay-TV provider Allente has chosen 3SS and award-winning 3READY Product Framework to …

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Is that UHD Content Really UHD?

by Steve Sechrist

In the digital era, when content is king, a new IHS study is showing that while 4K content is increasing at the production end, the delivery of that content, particularly OTT (over the top) …

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VR & Gaze Winning Applications in Medicine

by Bob Raikes

VR and some related technology is turning out to have a number of very interesting medical applications, going beyond the use of VR experiences that are designed to help people with psychological issues such …

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Haptic perception: A primer

by Ed Colgate

Despite having spent my career immersed in haptics, it is still shockingly difficult to offer up a clear and concise summary of the field. This is likely due to the fact that my head …

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