The Perils of AR Display Adventures

by Omid Rahmat

Does anyone who actually makes AR glasses spend any money on determining product=market fit or run focus groups with actual users before going to market?

Tags:AR Glasses| Augmented Reality| Rayneo| showcase

TCL’s Crowdfunding Strategy

by Omid Rahmat

Is it marketing smarts for smart glasses or a Hail Mary for audiences outside of China?

Tags:Artificial Intelligence (AI)| Augmented Reality| CES 2024| Rayneo| showcase| TCL

TCL’s Rayneo Showing X2 Lite Smart Glasses With Qualcomm

by Shawnee Blackwood

Weighing only 60 grams, the binocular glasses feature MicroLED displays and comprehensive AI capabilities, serving as an all-in-one AR assistant with voice control and live translations.

Tags:Augmented Reality| Qualcomm| Rayneo| smart glasses| TCL