Nuclear Fusion Is Close Enough to Start Dreaming

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Bloomberg published an interesting article that suggested that nuclear fusion is showing a lot of signs that the technology, which has been ‘promising’ for decades is ‘getting ready for prime time’. …

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Parade Introduces USB Type-C Hub with HDMI & Power Delivery

by Artem Alekseenko

Parade Technologies, Ltd., a leading high-speed interface, video display, and touch controller IC supplier, announces the PS188, a USB 3.2 Hub chip with integrated DisplayPort™ 1.4a to HDMI™ 2.0 converter and dual USB Power …

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02 Engie Reveals the Future of Energy

by Bob Raikes

The next speaker was Thierry Lepercq of Engie which is a very old company – more than 200 years and in 70 countries and supplying 2% of the electricity in the world. Facing the …

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Almost Caught Up, on News, at Least

by Bob Raikes

Phew… We managed to get our report out on MWC and also the ECR (European Congress on Radiology) report for LDM done and are very close to ‘being caught up’, at least on news. …

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Wireless Charging Era Dawns for Mobile

by Steve Sechrist

Yes, smartphones are a major part of our lives, and God knows how we got along without them in the past. But like a new relationship, it’s the unknown baggage that can often sabotage …

Tags:Power| Power Consumption| Vol 23 - Issue 29| Wireless Charging

iPhone Case Harvests Energy From Radio Waves

by Tom Allen

Nikola Labs, from Ohio, showed a new iPhone case at TechCrunch Disrupt this month, which harvests power to extend battery life. The case ($100) will debut on Kickstarter in June. Radio waves are converted …

Tags:Crowdfunding (Kickstarter etc)| iPhone| Mobile Display Monitor| Power| Vol 22 - Issue 19

Rumour: Oppo’s Watch Charges in Five Minutes

by Tom Allen

China’s Oppo – a mobile device maker known for its high-end and affordable smartphones – is developing a smartwatch with very fast charging. According to Chinese social network Weibo, Oppo will show its new …

Tags:Batteries| Mobile Display Monitor| Power| Power Supplies| Smartwatches| Vol 22 - Issue 11

KAIST Keeps Power Draw Low in Eye-Tracking HMD

by Tom Allen

Image credit: NikkeiThe Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a head-mounted display, which combines object recognition, eye-tracking and augmented reality (activated by blinking!). The ‘Smart Glass’ uses a different chip …

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