Display Origami

by Norbert Hildebrand

When we think of a smartphone or a phablet we do have a certain size in mind. A smartphone fits in almost every pocket, while the phablet does need a sufficiently-sized pocket. To be …

Tags:Flexible Displays| phablets| Smartphones| tablets| Vol 24 - Issue 17

Sources Disagree on Cause of Samsung Production Issues

by Tom Allen

Samsung has said that demand for its Galaxy Note 7 phablet has been higher than expected, which is causing supply shortages. The release date has been adjusted in some markets. A source told Reuters …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| phablets| Samsung| Supply Chain| Vol 23 - Issue 33

MDM Product Roundup – Vol 23 No 33

by Tom Allen

Click to enlargeFlir Systems‘ Cat S60 smartphone, which we saw at MWC 2016, has now been launched. It is being distributed in the UK by Southwest Technology Solutions and costs £425 ($560). The new …

Tags:HMDs (Head Mounted Displays)| Mobile Display Monitor| phablets| Rugged Displays| Samsung| Smartphones| Vol 23 - Issue 33

Qualcomm Drives Iris Scanning on Note 7

by Tom Allen

Samsung is using Qualcomm‘s Snapdragon 820 processor on its Galaxy Note 7 phablet in select regions. The processor is key to supporting the iris scanning feature which is unique to the handset.

Tags:Back Panel| Mobile Display Monitor| Mobile Processors| phablets| Qualcomm| Samsung| Vol 23 - Issue 31

Galaxy Note 7’s OLED Claims New “Best Ever” Mobile Display

by Steve Sechrist

In the Olympics of smartphone displays, the Samsung mobile Galaxy Note 7 with its flexible QHD OLED technology is well poised to claim the gold medal. Simply put, the latest display industry shoot-out from …

Tags:AMOLED| Flexible Displays| phablets| Samsung Display| Shoot Outs| Smartphones| Vol 23 - Issue 31

Edge Screen Design Now on Samsung’s Note Series

by Tom Allen

Samsung changed its traditional September launch for its Note series last year to an earlier date, with encouraging results. The company has decided to stick with the same approach this year, announcing its new …

Tags:AMOLED| Mobile Display Monitor| phablets| Samsung| Vol 23 - Issue 30

Samsung’s Next Note in NYC

by Tom Allen

Samsung will reveal its Galaxy Note 7 on the 2nd August, say Asian sources. The handset will be shown off at an event in New York City. It is expected to have a curved …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| phablets| Samsung| Vol 23 - Issue 29

ZTE Installs Fingerprint Reader on $100 Handset

by Tom Allen

It’s been a while since ZTE released a new handset in its budget Zmax brand, but the company has returned to form with a 6″ phablet for $100. Featuring some interesting functionality for its …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| phablets| USA| Vol 23 - Issue 28| ZTE

Phablet Popularity Soars

by Tom Allen

Flurry Analytics has examined data from more than 780,000 apps, worldwide, to determine which devices were popular gifts over the Christmas period. Apple was the big winner in Christmas 2015, accounting for 49.1% of …

Tags:Apple| LG Electronics (LGE)| Mobile Display Monitor| Nokia| phablets| Samsung| Vol 23 - Issue 01| Xiaomi

TCL Chooses Nanosys

by Tom Allen

TCL continues to grow, said North American VP Chris Larson at the company’s press conference. TCL was the largest TV exporter in China in 2015, for the seventh year in a row, and is …

Tags:CES 2016| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Nanosys| phablets| Quantum Dots| Roku| Smartphones| TCL| Vol 23 - Issue 02

Google Learns from Competition With Dual Flagships

by Tom Allen

Google, with partners Huawei and LG, has released two new flagship smartphones. The Nexus 5X, made by LG, is similar to the older Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, while the Nexus 6P (made by …

Tags:Android| Huawei| LG Electronics (LGE)| Mobile Display Monitor| phablets| Smartphones| Vol 22 - Issue 39

Asus Focuses on 5.5″ in 2016

by Tom Allen

Jerry Shen, CEO of Asus, has said that the company will launch six or seven new Zenfone smartphones next year, with 5.5″ displays as the main screen size. The family will include one premium …

Tags:Asus| IFA 2015| Mobile Display Monitor| phablets| Vol 22 - Issue 34