Quantum Dots to Give Perovskites a Run for Their Money

by Matthew Brennesholtz

In a recent Display Daily, I discussed how Quantum Dot (QD) manufacturers should be looking over their shoulders at perovskites. The reason that QD manufacturers can look in that direction at perovskites is that …

Tags:Nanosys| Perovskite| QD Vision| Quantum Dots| Rec 2020| Vol 23 - Issue 01

Perovskites Will Compete with QDs

by Matthew Brennesholtz

Perovskite is a mineral that was first discovered in the Ural mountains of Russia by Gustav Rose in 1839 and is named after Russian mineralogist L. A. Perovski. Naturally occurring variations of perovskite have …

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PeLEDs Have OLED-Beating Efficiency

by Tom Allen

Researchers at Korea’s Pohang University claim to have developed a perovskite LED (PeLED) with a luminous efficiency that can compete with phosphorescent OLEDs. The component could eventually be used in displays and lighting panels …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| LED| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Perovskite| Power Consumption| Vol 22 - Issue 50

Printed Electronics Solving Brand and Commercial Problems

by Phillip Wright

Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx the organizers of the 2015 Printed Electronics Conference (Santa Clara, CA, November 17-20), delivered an opening keynote at the event, titled “Printed Electronics: Successes, Trends and Money”. In structuring …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Perovskite| Printed Electronics| Printed Electronics Conference 2015 (Santa Clara)| Vol 22 - Issue 48

QDs Combined with Perovskite for Efficiency

by Bob Raikes

Image credit:Sargent Group/University of Toronto, EngineeringScientists at the University of Toronto have published results of tests on a new “hyper-efficient” light-emitting crystal formed by combining perovskite and colloidal quantum dots (QDs) using heteroepitaxy. A …

Tags:IMEC| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Perovskite| Quantum Dots| Vol 22 - Issue 30