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Apple Pay and Current C – The Fight is ON

by Helen Vince

Wearables – Wearables are the highlight of the consumer electronics industry this year, with many believing that the release of the Apple Watch will further the consumer’s interest in these products. The next step …

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iBeacon Puts Displays at Retail Nexus

by Helen Vince

Mobile – In our last instalment on Apple Hybrid iBeacon and NFC (Near Field Communications) we said the company is once again demonstrating a canny sense of identifying Gateway Technologies that can empower (and further enrich) its …

Tags:Beacons| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| NFC| Payment Systems| Vol 21 - Issue 38| Volume 21

Apple Finally Adopts NFC, Announces Apple Pay

by Helen Vince

Smartphone – With its release of the new iPhone last week, Apple has announced Apple Pay, a new, secure and private electronic mobile payment system. Apple Pay works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus through …

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