Meta Quest 3

Meta Launches Quest 3, Drops Quest 2 Prices

by Shawnee Blackwood

The base model of the Quest 3, with 128GB storage, will cost $499.99, but there will be additional storage options for users who require more space.

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Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Can’t Defy the Laws of Physics

by Karl Guttag

The learning curve for MR technology is slower than that of semiconductors, as many factors are nearing the limits of physics. Even the world’s biggest tech company has to face that reality.

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UCSD and Meta AI Work Up Video Frame Interpolation for VR and AR Headsets

by Omid Rahmat

Computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Meta AI have developed a new video frame interpolation method that achieves smoother slow-motion video progression using something called Flow-Agnostic Video Representations for …

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Eye Lasers vs. Giant Mirrors: The Funky Face-Off in AR and China’s Ambitions

by Jon Peddie

Augmented reality (AR), like virtual reality (VR), is divided into two main segments: consumer and commercial. Consumer AR glasses resemble normal spectacles and are inconspicuous. Commercial AR, which includes medical, scientific, industrial, enterprise, and …

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