VESA Updates Display Stream Compression

by Tom Allen

VESA has released v1.2 of its Display Stream Compression (DSC) standard (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 5), which extends the feature set of v1.1. A key feature is the ability for DSC v1.2 to …

Tags:Display Stream (DSC)| Interfaces| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| VESA| Vol 22 - Issue 03

THine Claims 16Gbps Interface

by Tom Allen

THine Electronics has developed a 16Gbps ‘ultra-high-speed’ interface technology, which could be used as an internal interface in 8k TVs and other high-resolution applications. The new development is applicable to THine’s V-by-One technology, but …

Tags:Interfaces| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Super Hi-Vision (8K)| V-by-one| Vol 23 - Issue 03

Day Two of Display Summit Looks at Connectivity to Start (DS12)

by Bob Raikes

The second day of the Display Summit started with a session moderated by our own Bob Raikes that covered connectivity, especially the impact of UltraHD/4k content. The first speaker was Bob Ventresca who is …

Tags:Display Summit 2015| Infocomm 2015| Interfaces| KVMs| Large Display Monitor| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 26

One Connector to Rule Them All…

by Bob Raikes

Last week, Apple, along with its new Watch products, announced its latest MacBook notebook. One of the stand out features was that the small size and weight, enabled, in part, by the decision to …

Tags:Apple| DisplayPort| Interfaces| MHL| USB| Vol 22 - Issue 12


Silicon Image Surprises Us with SiBeam Move

by Vanessa Browning

This reporter went along to Silicon Image not expecting to see much as somebody else was covering the new Super MHL interface. However, we found a lot of interest! First, we looked at the …

Tags:CES 2015| Interfaces| Large Display Monitor| Lattice Semiconductor (Silicon Image)| MHL| Mobile Display Monitor| Radio| Smartphones| tablets| Vol 22 - Issue 03