VESA Updates Display Stream Compression

VESA has released v1.2 of its Display Stream Compression (DSC) standard (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 5), which extends the feature set of v1.1. A key feature is the ability for DSC v1.2 to provide native compression of the YCbCr 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 formats commonly used in digital TVs.

DSC v1.2 was developed to support a wider range of display applications; in particular, externally connected displays such as TVs and PC monitors. DSC is currently integrated into standards used for embedded display interfaces within mobile systems, such as embedded DisplayPort v1.4b and the MIPI Display Serial Interface v1.2 and later versions.

Dale Stolitzka, principal engineer at Samsung Display and chair of the VESA Display Stream Compression Task Group, said, “This update to DSC greatly expands adoption opportunities for the standard, which includes…the automotive infotainment and digital TV markets. The update retains all the functionality of the prior version, while adding significant capabilities that will allow makers of a wide range of advanced displays to take advantage of DSC’s many benefits.”

The upcoming DisplayPort 1.4 specification will be the first DisplayPort standard to use DSC v1.2 (which is backwards-compatible with v1.1).

As well as the native 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 coding, DSC v1.2 differs from v1.1 in its support of HDR and colour up to 16-bit, rather than 12-bit.

Analyst Comment

DSC developer Hardent also said that it has ip cores available to support DSC. (BR)