TS06 Immersive Capture Moving Toward Light Field Era

by Chris Chinnock

In the “Capturing Immersive Images” session, Pete Lude from Mission Rock Digital gave an overview of some of the techniques. This included lidar scanning, time of flight sensors, structured light capture and plenoptic cameras. …

Tags:360 Degree Video| Imagers| Large Display Monitor| Light Field Cameras| Technology Summit on Cinema 2018| Vol 25 - Issue 15

Compound Photonics Shows Native 4k Imager

by Tom Allen

Compound Photonics was presenting new products at Display Summit China (Display Summit China Identifies Projection Industry Successes and Challenges) recently. A product that we did not cover in our main report was much smaller: …

Tags:Display Summit 2016| Imagers| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 19

Toshiba Phone Sensor Supports UltraHD at 30fps

by Bob Raikes

Toshiba has announced a 16 megapixel (4624 × 3472) CMOS image sensor, the T4KC3, for mobile devices that can support the full resolution at 30fps. It can also support UltraHD and 4K formats at …

Tags:Imagers| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| tablets| toshiba| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 30