Speedo Launches Team Speedo With Holo-Gauze AR

by Tom Allen

Holotronica, creator of a holography/projection screen technology called Holo-Gauze, created a 20m x 9m augmented reality installation for the launch of Team Speedo in New York. A film charting the success of 24 Team …

Tags:Events| Holography| Large Display Monitor| Polariser-based 3D| Projection Screens| Vol 23 - Issue 12

Liquid Lens used to Address Problems in a Holographic Display System

by Arthur Berman

A recent publication introduces and discusses the innovative use of an electronically focusable liquid lens as the means to address chromatic aberration problems experienced in prior art, time-sequential holographic display systems. The team undertaking …

Tags:Holographic Displays| Holography| Optics| Vol 22 - Issue 31

Microsoft Developing a “Holographic Interface” for Surface Devices

by Arthur Berman

The means of interface between people and computers is currently dominated by the use of a sextet of well-known devices: mice, trackpads, joy sticks, keyboards, styluses and touch screens. The latest news, however, is …

Tags:Holography| Microsoft| Vol 22 - Issue 27


3D in IZone at Display Week 2015

by Steve Sechrist

At Display Week 2015, in the prototype IZone booth, 3D display was alive and well. One such autostereoscopic (no glasses) technology came from a Shenzhen, China company, SuperD 3D technology, with its 3D mobile …

Tags:3D Content| 3D Content Creation| 3D display| 3D software| Autostereo 3D| Digital Signage| DOOH| Gesture Recognition| Holographic Displays| Holography| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| SID Display Week 2015| Stereo 3D| Vol 22 - Issue 24

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft Pushes Developers Towards HoloLens

by Norbert Hildebrand

After the surprising announcement of the HoloLens device by Microsoft at a Windows 10 event, we have been learning more about the HoloLens and its position in the Windows 10 platform. Meanwhile, Microsoft has …

Tags:Holography| Microsoft| Mobile Display Monitor| SmartGlasses| Vol 22 - Issue 19

Swinburne hologram 600

Graphene as the Basis for Next Generation 3D Display

by Norbert Hildebrand

Holography is the holy grail of real 3D imagery, but making 3D images acceptable to the consumer market has so far been out of reach. Now researchers at Swinburne University of Technology have shown …

Tags:3D display| Graphene| Holography| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 18

MWC 2015 is Upon Us

by Tom Allen

MWC is about to get underway in Barcelona, running from 2nd to 5th March. Here, we present a round-up of various companies and products that will be at what is being called the world’s …

Tags:Acer| DisplayPort| Holographic Displays| Holography| Kyocera| LG Electronics (LGE)| Mobile Display Monitor| MWC 2015| Pixelworks| Smartphones| sony| VESA| Vol 22 - Issue 09| ZTE

More 3D Zombies

by Len Scrogan

I hate fighting 3D Zombies. As soon as you dispatch one, another grotesque figure chins up, and here we go again. Another funny thing about zombies is it always seems like they sneak up on …

Tags:Education| Holography| Vol 22 - Issue 02