German TV Market: Share of UHD Sets Reaches 70%

by Artem Alekseenko

In the first nine months of 2020, the share of UHD televisions in the overall TV market reached the 70 percent mark. According to GfK Retail & Technology, a total of around 4.7 million …

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German Consumer Climate: High Spirits Continue

by Damir Lokas

Consumers in Germany still appear to be in high spirits at the end of 2017. Both economic and income expectations are on the rise, whilst propensity to buy has taken a slight hit. GfK …


Smartphones Up in Q3 2017

by Bob Raikes

GfK released data on sales of smartphones in Q3 2017, and reported that global sales volumes reached 367 million units, up 3% year on year, bringing the total to the highest level in a …

Tags:GfK| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphone Market| Vol 24 - Issue 40

IFA Opening Press Event

by Bob Raikes

The IFA organisers and the GFU trade association always holds a pre-IFA press event when they talk about the ‘big picture’ developments in the market and highlight changes in the show organisation. Hans-Joachim Kamp …

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Global Smartphone Demand Peaks – ASPs Rise

by Bob Raikes

GfK has put out data on regional sales of smartphones and said that sales were 347 million in Q2 2017, up 4% year on year, with Emerging Asia growing 13%, Central and Eastern Europe …

Tags:GfK| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphone Market| Vol 24 - Issue 27

UHD Dominating UK TV Market Value

by Bob Raikes

Nick Simon of GfK spoke at a recent UltraHD conference held by SES in London and said that UltraHD sets are now the dominant HD TV type, especially in the over £350 price bracket. …

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VOD Growing to 50%+ in Three Years

by Bob Raikes

Click for higher resolutionGfK said that 16% of the viewing population* have multiple SVOD (subscription video-on-demand) services in their homes, up from 10% three years ago. Those who pay for combinations of Netflix, Amazon …

Tags:GfK| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| OTT Video| Vol 23 - Issue 41

More than a Quarter of US TV is Streamed

by Tom Allen

28% of all TV viewing in the USA is now accomplished via streaming, says GfK. 16% is through a PC or mobile device; 9% through a TV set; and 3% through other methods, such …

Tags:GfK| Large Display Monitor| Streaming Video| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 28

GfK Predicts Significant UltraHD Sales Progress

by Tom Allen

At the recent MIPTV event in France, GfK shared its UltraHD TV sales data. In the 12 months to January 2015, 298,000 sets were sold in the UK; 294,000 in Germany; and 290,000 in …

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