Fused Fibre Optics


Incom Fused Fiber Optics Powers Lytro Light Field Camera

by Chris Chinnock

Fused fiber optics provider Incom has told us recently that they are a key component supplier to Lytro and their new cinema light field camera debuted at NAB 2016. What are fused fiber optics …

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Incom Shows Innovations with Polymer Fiber Optic Faceplates

by Chris Chinnock

Last October I had a chance to visit with Incom, and write about this manufacturer of fused fiber optic faceplates. The faceplates are composed of thousands of tiny fiber optics densely packed together – …

Tags:Fused Fibre Optics| SID Display Week 2015| Vol 22 - Issue 24

Chris on transparent 100 x 100

Incom’s Polymer Fused Fiber Optics May Be Game Changer for Displays

by Chris Chinnock Don't Use

Display Components, Materials and Manufacturing – Fused fiber optics have the ability to transfer an image from one surface to another with great clarity. This capability has found use in numerous markets including the …

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