Force Sensing


Innolux DST Adds Force Sensing to In-cell Touch

by Bob Raikes

Innolux has said that its DST (Deep Sensing Technology) has a unique electrode design that can add force sensing to in-cell touch. This means that it can be used with thick gloves and combines …

Tags:Force Sensing| Innolux| Mobile Display Monitor| Touch| Vol 24 - Issue 47

Android Devices with Force Touch User Interfaces on the Way

by Phillip Wright

Synaptics has announced a force-sensing touch screen controller which will offer Android device developers the opportunity to add a new touch screen user interface modality. The Synaptics announcement is timely since a similar user …

Tags:Force Sensing| Smartphones| Synaptics| Touch Controllers| Touch Interfaces| Vol 22 - Issue 41

Gauging the Wearable Device User Experience

by Phillip Wright

Wearable devices continue to attract consumers’ attention and perhaps even more so after the Apple Watch went on sale April 24. However, reported production delays have limited deliveries to some customers. The recent availability …

Tags:Android Wear| Force Sensing| Gesture Recognition| GUIs| iOS (Apple)| Touch| Touch Controllers| Touch Interfaces| Vol 22 - Issue 21| Wearables

Apple Points the Way for User Interface Advances

by Phillip Wright

Apple’s March 9, 2015 press event disclosed a fairly extensive range of new products and initiatives. As I reported in my prior Display Daily (Notebook Computer Displays Evolve), the new MacBook (available April 10) …

Tags:Apple| Force Sensing| Gesture Recognition| Haptics| HMI| Multitouch| Notebooks| Touch| Touch Interfaces| Touch Pads| Vol 22 - Issue 13