Amazon Breaks Black Friday Sales Record for Fire Tablet and Kindle

by Raverstead

Amazon released information about its Black Friday sales for the Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets. While Amazon never releases exact numbers in the way Apple does, it did announce great results for its Black …

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Barnes & Noble Buys Back Microsoft’s Nook Stake

by Raverstead

Barnes & Noble has bought Microsoft’s stake in the Nook business in preparation for a Nook business spin-off later in 2015. Just two years ago, Microsoft bought a 16.8% stake in the Nook business …

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Source: IDTechEx

IDTechEx Has High Hopes for Flexible Sensors and Flexible Displays

by Norbert Hildebrand Don't Use

Market Intelligence – IDTechEx focuses a good portion of its research on flexible sensors and flexible displays. This includes, but is not limited to, printed electronics and OLED displays. With many successful technologies in the past …

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Kobo Fends Off Dust and Water in Aura H2O

by Super User

The ‘world’s first’ waterproof eReader has been introduced by Kobo. The Aura H2O uses a 6.8″ Carta E Ink screen (an upgrade from the Aura HD’s (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 16) Pearl technology) …

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Kindle Explores High-End Space With New Voyage

by Super User

Amazon has surprised today with a refresh of its Kindle and Kindle Fire lines – without weeks’ worth of leaks, first. Among the new devices is the 6″ Kindle Voyage ($200): the company’s thinnest …

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eReaders Rise in Germany

by Super User

Sales of eReaders in Germany are expected to rise 12% this year, to 1.2 million units, says technology association Bitkom. Revenues will also rise, increasing 7% to

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