Downtrends in Education: SXSW EDU 2023, Part II

by Len Scrogan

Continuing from our previous installment, “Scanning the Horizon at SXSW EDU 2023”, today’s segment focuses on some technologies and topics that seem to be down-gearing, at least in the education market. For context, the …

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Better Distribution Methods Needed to Support Large ProAV Canvases

by Chris Chinnock

LED-based video walls are getting bigger and bigger and pixel pitches continue to shrink.That means these large canvases can have a lot more pixels. 30M, 50M even 100M pixels are not uncommon. The problem …

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Sad News

by Bob Raikes

Just yesterday, we heard the sad news of the sudden death of one of our main Display Daily contributors and friends, Matthew (Matt) S Brennesholtz. He died at home while preparing for one of …


A Change in Direction – after Half a Century

by Bob Raikes

A couple of months ago, in ‘What Bob Saw’, I pointed to a story that would have been almost inconceivable a couple of years ago. The story was a link to the first OLED …


Hurdles Facing K12 School Innovation

by Len Scrogan

What are the main hurdles facing tech innovation in schools? What constraints can be expected to slow down your best-made sales plans for reaching the K12 market? The COSN 2020 edition of the K12 …

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A Wake Up Call to the North American Display Industry

by Barry Young

The NY Times on 6/12, ran a story on how China’s technological ambitions are eliciting rare bipartisan agreement in Washington, with lawmakers considering investing tens of billions of dollars in America’s semiconductor industry over …


Advent of the Flip Smartphone

by Steve Sechrist

When Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone some thirteen years ago, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and others were riding high, with both the candy bar (remember this) and flip phone designs leading the pack. Jobs …

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Samsung Reveals Much at First Look Event Prior to CES 2020

by Chris Chinnock

Samsung ran their First Look event at Ceasar’s just prior to the opening of CES and offer a cornucopia of technology news – some to be expected and some surprises too. Here is a …

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VR – The Escape for the Masses?

by Norbert Hildebrand

The non-profit organization Equality Lab is developing technology to support communities in a variety of tasks with the development of VR experiences that target specific parts of our lives. These areas are easily forgotten …

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Human Capable Inc. Developing Sleek AR Glasses

by Arthur Berman

Human Capable Inc., headquartered in Plantation, FL with remote team members in India and China, is in the final phase of developing “Normal looking augmented reality smart glasses that offer an everyday, hands free …


Driving K12 Innovation: Tech Enablers

by Len Scrogan

The 2019 K12 Driving Innovation: Tech Enablers report, after multiple rounds of Delphi-like voting by expert panelists, has a lot to say about innovation-enabling factors specific to the educational marketplace. According to the report, …

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