Edge Backlights


Direct LED Backlights Ahead in TV LCDs

by Milos Pavlovic

In a blog post, David Hsieh Research & Analysis Director within the IHS Technology Group at IHS Markit has pointed out that direct lit architectures dominate the TV LCD panel market, hitting a peak …

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Dell Slims Monitors to a New Level

by Bob Raikes

Dell was next door to Lenovo in one of the Venetian restaurants and we had a look around, although it was very noisy and crowded! The most interesting story on the display said was …

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A New QLED Artifact in Paju

by Ken Werner

Last week I, along with three other media/analyst types, was LG Display’s guest in Seoul and Paju for a tour of facilities and interviews with executives. There is a lot to share from that …

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Epistar to Increase LED Capacity by 300%

by Bob Raikes

Taiwan sources say that LED maker, Epistar of Taiwan, is to increase its capacity for CSP (chip scale package) LEDs that are used in TV backlights, by 300%. The chips have previously been used …

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A Weapon for LCD Against OLED?

by Bob O'Brien

In the continuous effort to improve LCD TV, to stave off the threat of OLED as well as to try to keep TV price declines to a minimum, manufacturers are pushing innovation in many …

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Corning’s New Iris Glass to Enable Thinner TVs

by Chris Chinnock

In the flurry of news from CES, we did not get a chance to delve deeply into an announcement of a new glass called Iris that was revealed by Corning (Corning Stays Ahead in …

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