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Hisense 48″ OLED to Ship in Japan, Initially

by Bob Raikes

What They Say AVCesar.com reported that it would re-introduce OLED TVs to Europe although the X8F Series has first been announced in Japan only in 48″ and 55″ sizes. What We Think This story …

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Vehicle Display Technologies – LCD, FALD, Dual-cell, OLED and MicroLED..

by Sweta Dash

Vehicle displays are in transitional phase due to three major factors: higher connectivity, the growth in electric vehicle sales and a shift to semi-autonomous and autonomous driving. The industry is moving towards new functionality …

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Vehicular Display Makers Explore Dual-Cell LCD

by Ken Werner

The auto industry is comfortable with LCDs. They survive 150,000+ miles of over-the-road vibration and pounding, and tolerate temperatures from Siberian winters to Arizona summers. (Well, most of the time. Mazda 6 sedans circa …

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Flexenable Boosts Dual LCD for Automotive (and….)

by Bob Raikes

I have been interested in the idea of dual LCDs for quite a few years. At CES in 2007, Sharp showed its ‘Mega Contrast’ panel which had contrast of 1,000,000:1, but about which the …

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LCD’s Next Generation: MiniLED vs. Dual Cell

by Ken Werner

As a part of SID’s Display Week 2020 Shin-Tson Wu (Pegasus Professor at the College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida) gave an invited paper entitled “High-Dynamic-Range MiniLED and Dual-Cell LCDs.” Let’s …

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Volumetric Capture, Monitor and 8K Camera Updates from Canon

by Chris Chinnock

Canon held a virtual press conference to disclose what they would have shown at NAB had it gone forward as usual. While much of the event focused on professional camera updates, I will focus …

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Visteon Developing New Display Technologies for Vehicles

by Arthur Berman

Visteon Corporation (Van Buren Township, MI), a major automotive cockpit electronics technology company, used the occasion of the recent CES exhibition to debut some of the company’s latest display technologies. In looking towards the …

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For Vehicle Displays, OLED’s Lustre Fades

by Ken Werner

At the exhibits of the 2019 Vehicle Displays and Interfaces Symposium, held September 24 to 25 at the Burton Manor Conference Center in Livonia, Michigan, I saw only one automotive OLED display on the …

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Touch Taiwan Round-up – MiniLED and Touch

by Bob Raikes

Last week and yesterday, I posted pieces about some of the work at ITRI that was talked about at Touch Taiwan. But there was much, much more to see. It’s no surprise that miniLED …

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Why is Dual Panel LCD vs OLED a Hot Topic?

by Bob Raikes

There’s no doubt that dual layer LCD is a bit of a hot topic at the moment and one of the comments we got last week after Ken’s article (OLED and Dual Cell TV: …

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OLED and Dual Cell TV: The Battle Commences

by Ken Werner

In my last Display Daily I argued that the future of OLED as the TV panel technology widely accepted as the very best is severely limited. The reason: OLED is not bright enough to …

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