Display Metrology


VESA Makes the Blur Clearer

by Bob Raikes

I have been watching the issue of motion performance on LCD since I saw my first passive LCD that was so bad with anything moving on the display that those who have never seen …

Tags:Certification| Display Metrology| LCD displays| OLEDs| Response Times| VESA

Flat to Foldable Tipping Point

by Steve Sechrist

In case you missed it, the new Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL display specs were released last week with the DisplayMate Technology labs shoot out reaching yet another highest rating (A+ visually indistinguishable …

Tags:Display Metrology| DisplayMate| Flexible Displays| Foldable Devices| Shoot Outs| Smartphones

Should We End the Resolution Race?

by Steve Sechrist

When Chinese brand OnePlus 7 Pro, launched in May of this year, is new smartphone display was crowned King of the Hill, receiving this top ranking, along with 10 record breaking display performance accolades …

Tags:Display Metrology| DisplayMate| Resolution| Shoot Outs| Sunlight Readable Displays

Other Cinema/Large Venue Considerations Update from Display Summit 2018

by Chris Chinnock

The afternoon session of October 3rd was dedicated to a number of other technologies and considerations around next generation cinema. Speaker Joe Kane, from Joe Kane Productions, focused on the creation of a single …

Tags:Cinema Audio| Display Metrology| Display Summit 2018| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| LED Cinema| Vol 25 - Issue 39| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)

Is it Time to Consider Measuring Displays in their Use Case Environment?

by Chris Chinnock

Display performance is always measured in a very dark room, which is important if you want to know the limits of their performance. But display-based products are rarely viewed in real applications in a …

Tags:Contrast| Display Metrology| OLED Fabs| QLED| Vol 24 - Issue 25

New Near Eye Display Metrology Tools Introduced

by Chris Chinnock

We saw new developments in near eye display metrology at SID DisplayWeek from Gamma Scientific, Photo Research and Chroma. These are new tools that have been developed because of the unusual measurement needs of …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Display Metrology| Mobile Display Monitor| SID Display Week 2017| Virtual Displays| Vol 24 - Issue 21

First Metrology Workshop was Well Received

by Chris Chinnock

Metrology is the art and practice of measurement and the International Committee on Display Metrology (ICDM) is devoted to developing display measurement methods. At the SID DisplayWeek in LA this week, the group organized …

Tags:Automotive| Display Metrology| ICDM| SID Display Week 2017| Vol 24 - Issue 20

SpectraCal and LG Developing Better HDR Calibration Solution

by Chris Chinnock

Tyler Pruitt from SpectraCal, now part of Portrait Display, said that calibrating an HDR display is much harder than an SDR display. With HDR content, there is almost always a color volume remapping function …

Tags:Display Metrology| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| NAB 2017| Portrait Displays| Vol 24 - Issue 17

iPhone7 New Groundbreaking Display The Best News That Wasn’t

by Steve Sechrist

There was no news of Apple’s iPhone 7 display at the recent launch event for the iPhone 7 series. The new display components introduced two new benchmarks for mobile LCD displays, with the lowest …

Tags:Apple| Devices| Display Metrology| display technology| iPhone| Vol 23 - Issue 37