The End of More Glass and Vacuum Technologies

by Bob Raikes

I made reference in my talk at the Nuremberg conference to Paul Gray’s “end of glass, vacuum and metal” (GVM) technology and over the last couple of weeks, I have seen lots of stories …

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CRT TVs Can be Dangerous

by Tom Allen

To promote National TV Safety Day in the USA, which was held on the 6th February, the CTA and Safe Kids Worldwide released a worrying statistic: a child in the US dies every three …

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Notice for Purchasers of CRT Products

by Isaac Oburu

Class action settlements have been reached involving Cathode Ray Tubes (“CRTs”), a display device that was sold by itself or as the main component in TVs and computer monitors. The lawsuit claims that the …

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A Pivot for Portrait’s James

by Bob Raikes

We recently heard that there was to be a change at long-established display industry company, Portrait Displays. Founder and CEO, J. Michael James is retiring after more than twenty years and passing control to …

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CRT Firms Agree Antitrust Settlement

by Helen Vince

Several Asian CRT manufacturers have reached a settlement with a US court to pay approximately $528 million to resolve a class action lawsuit alleging that they conspired to fix prices. The companies named in …

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10% of UK Viewers Could Benefit from UltraHD

by Tom Allen

A survey of TV viewing habits in the UK has been conducted by the BBC, as it considers moving to UltraHD broadcasts. The results showed that only 10% of viewers would benefit from the …

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USA and South Korea Hold Recycling Conference in California

by Helen Vince

Industry – The USA and South Korea held a conference in California this week about recycling issues. The conference addressed the recycling of a wide range of products that enter the waste stream.  The one day …

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Have we Reached Peak CRT?

by Super User

This article first appeared in the Display Standard newsletter, ‘Veritas et Visus’ ( Last month, the UK

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dynamic focus

Dynamic Focus

by Dummy Admin

When looking at the operation of the deflection circuit , we see that it constantly adjusts the strength of the deflection yoke’s influence on the electron beam as the length of its path to …

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dynamic beam forming

Dynamic Beam Forming

by Dummy Admin

A CRTs electron beam focusing circuitry has to change the focal length of an electrostatic or electromagnetic “lens” according to where on the screen the beam is being directed, as shown in Dynamic Focus …

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deflection yoke

Deflection Yoke

by Dummy Admin

To make a beam of electrons do something useful, it has to be deflected from its course in some manner so as to make a trace or scan across the CRT’s faceplate. There are …

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beam length

Deflection Circuit

by Dummy Admin

The deflection yoke’s electromagnets are used to alter the path of the electron beam in a CRT. The job of synchronising the influence exerted by each of the yoke’s two magnets, and so controlling …

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