Colour Filters


3D Printed Perovskite Enables Fabrication of High Resolution Pixels

by Arthur Berman

A team of researchers led by Mojun Chen within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Hong Kong University along with team members from the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (Changwon-si, South Korea) have reported success …

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It’s 2020, So Where is Rec2020?

by Peter Palomaki

A new decade is upon us. It is the year of the Rat. It’s a presidential election year in the US. This decade self-driving cars promise to become ubiquitous. In a mere 7 months …

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DNP Hardens Flexible FIlms, has Flexible Colour Filters and new Privacy Film

by Bob Raikes

DNP showed a large transparent front projection screen that is available in 40″ or 80″ and has 50% transparency and haze of about 1.0%. The company expects to see applications in retail as well …

Tags:Colour Filters| Film materials| Flexible Displays| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Privacy| Projection Screens| SID Display Week 2018| Transparent Displays| Vol 25 - Issue 21

Palomaki and Bertram Uncover LG’s “Nano Cell” Secret

by Ken Werner

In a tightly reasoned article on Peter Palomaki’s blog last week, Palomaki (who I will now call Sherlock Holmes) and collaborator Matt Bertram (Dr. Watson) convincingly argue that LG’s “Nano Cell” LCD-TV technology is …

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A New Color Filter Technology

by Arthur Berman

A new color filter technology is under development that claims to have the potential to advance the commercialization of the next generation of ultra-high definition TVs. At the same time, the technology also has …

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PQC LED hybridised with QD colour converters

Hybrid QD-LED Raises Efficiency

by Milos Pavlovic

(a) Schematic representation, (b) cross-sectional, and (c) top SEM images of a photonic quasi-crystal LED hybridised with QD colour convertersA An international research group has used quantum dots to create a hybrid LED. QDs …

Tags:Colour Filters| Large Display Monitor| LED| Mobile Display Monitor| Quantum Dots| Vol 23 - Issue 21

Can Rubber Replace YAG in LEDs?

by Tom Allen

German and Spanish scientists have used luminescent proteins to create a pure white organic LED, at a lower cost than today’s conventional devices. The ‘BioLED’ uses proteins packaged in the form of rubber. Red, …

Tags:Blue Light| Colour Filters| Large Display Monitor| LED| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 09

polarizing color filter

Chinese Researchers Suggest Energy Recycling to Raise LCD Efficiency

by Norbert Hildebrand

Long Wen, a researcher at the Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and his colleagues, are suggesting a new type of backlight to increase the power efficiency of LCD modules. …

Tags:Colour Filters| Large Display Monitor| LCD Backlights| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 27

Invisage Uses QDs in Light Capture Film

by Tom Allen

US-based Invisage Technologies is developing a light capture film for image sensors, based on quantum dots. The company has now opened its first sensor-manufacturing facility at the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. The films …

Tags:Colour Filters| Film materials| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Quantum Dots| Taiwan| Vol 22 - Issue 26

Fraunhofer Coatings Enable Full-Laser Backlights

by Tom Allen

The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology (FEP) will show a coating that enables laser backlighting for holographic displays at SID 2015 (stand 222). SeeReal Technologies in Dresden joined Fraunhofer …

Tags:Colour Filters| Fraunhofer| Holographic Displays| Large Display Monitor| Laser| Mobile Display Monitor| SID Display Week 2015| Vol 22 - Issue 20