Ceatec 2018


Ceatec 2018 Introduction

by Chris Chinnock

The Ceatec trade show held in Japan each fall used to be like a preview to what you would see at CES in a few months. The latest in TV technology was always a …

Tags:Ceatec 2018| Japan Display Inc (JDI)| Large Display Monitor| Vol 25 - Issue 41

Sharp Showcases 8K Ecosystems at Ceatec

by Chris Chinnock

At the annual Ceatec trade show in Japan last week, Sharp showcased a number of 8K TVs along with other 8K ecosystem products – all designed to kick off the next evolution in TV …

Tags:5G| Broadcast| Cameras| Ceatec 2018| Foxconn (Honhai)| Large Display Monitor| sharp| Super Hi-Vision (8K)| Vol 25 - Issue 41

A-PAB Helps to Promote 8K in Japan

by Chris Chinnock

A-PAB (Association of Professional Advertisers and Broadcasters) is a trade association in Japan that we have learned will now take an active role in promoting 8K and educating consumers for the Japanese market. At …

Tags:Ceatec 2018| Large Display Monitor| Super Hi-Vision (8K)| Vol 25 - Issue 41

Socionext Shows 8K SoC Solutions at CEATEC

by Chris Chinnock

Socionext was at Ceatec where they were promoting their chip set and playback solutions for 8K. One highlight is their SC1H05AT1 (HV5) SoC whose use in an 8K TV is shown in the diagram …

Tags:Ceatec 2018| Large Display Monitor| Super Hi-Vision (8K)| Upscaling| Vol 25 - Issue 41