Canatu Teams Up with Continental on Automotive 3D Touch Technology

by Andrew Fenn

Canatu has announced a collaboration with automotive technology company, Continental. The two firms have been working on a transparent, 3D touch surface for automotive interior displays, using Canatu’s CNB films and sensors. The tech …

Tags:Automotive| Back Panel| Canatu| Mobile Display Monitor| Touch| Vol 25 - Issue 22

Canatu Touch Used by Daimler

by Bob Raikes

Canatu is pivoting to exploit its flexible touch technology to non-display applications and joined in the Startup Autobahn project with Daimler and the University of Stuttgart to create a transparent thermo-formed touch sensor on …

Tags:Automotive| Back Panel| Canatu| Mobile Display Monitor| Touch| Vol 24 - Issue 06

Kokkonen Joins Canatu

by Yvette Raikes

Juha Kokkonen has moved from managing phones at Microsoft to CEO of Canatu, which makes flexible and 3D formable films and touch sensors. Kokkonen’s knowledge of mobile technology is very strong, as he has …

Tags:Canatu| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| People| Recruitment & Appointments| Vol 23 - Issue 36

Canatu Receives EU Funding

by Yvette Raikes

Finnish company Canatu has won €22 million ($24.8 million) in funding for R&D into its transparent conductive films and touch sensors, €10 being investments and the remaining €12 million a loan. The films are …

Tags:Canatu| Mobile Display Monitor| Touch Displays| Vol 23 - Issue 35

Canatu and E Ink Work on Wearables

by Tom Allen

Canatu and E Ink are working together to produce flexible touch displays for wearables. The first product, combining a 6.3″ E Ink EPD with Canatu’s One-Plastic (OPS) Touch, will be available in July. The …

Tags:Canatu| E Ink| Flexible Displays| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 21| Wearables

Canatu Integrates with E Ink

by Bob Raikes

When we met Canatu at CES, the company expressed frustration at the number of design wins that it has achieved, but that which it cannot publicise for contractual reasons. However, at SID, the company …

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SID: Colour E Ink, Flexible AMOLEDs, New QDs – and More!

by Tom Allen

SID 2016 is ongoing at the time of writing, and we will have a full report for you in the coming weeks. For now, we have summarised some of the key announcements from the …

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