Watch BT Sport Ultimate on More Devices Than Ever Before

by Artem Alekseenko

BT Sport is delivering another broadcasting first by making its biggest live matches available in 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) and high dynamic range (HDR) picture quality on some of the most popular smart TVs, games …


Amazon Prime Video App Launches for BT TV

by Andrew Fenn

Following an announcement last month, BT in the UK has officially launched Amazon Prime Video for its BT TV set-top-boxes. The company’s Tony Singh said, “We’re delighted to be the first UK pay TV …

Tags:Amazon| BT| Large Display Monitor| OTT Video| STBs| Vol 25 - Issue 24

BT TV to Incorporate Amazon Prime Video and Now TV

by Andrew Fenn

BT has announced it will be adding Amazon Prime Video to its television package later this year, with Now TV joining in 2019. The service already offers content from Netflix. BT TV is available …

Tags:Amazon| BT| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 25 - Issue 20

BT Updates on VR Challenges for Sport

by Bob Raikes

Andrew Gower of BT, quoted in, said in a speech at a conference in London, said that BT in the UK is looking for ways to integrate VR into its sports coverage, integrating …

Tags:BT| Mobile Display Monitor| Sports and Stadiums| UK (United Kingdom)| Virtual Reality| Vol 24 - Issue 24

London to Get Wi-Fi Phone Boxes

by Bob Raikes

BT said that it will roll out in the UK new Link kiosks to provide services including UK landline, and mobile phone calls, mobile device charging and access to maps, directions and local services. …

Tags:BT| DOOH| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 23 - Issue 42

BT Grows in Q4

by Isaac Oburu

BT announced that it had a good Q4’15, enjoying TV customer additions. The company grew its base by 97,000, to reach 1.4m customers in the UK.

Tags:BT| Large Display Monitor| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 23 - Issue 04

BT Works on NBA’s First UltraHD Game

by Tom Allen

The NBA, with BT Sport and Rogers Communications, ran its first public UltraHD broadcast during a game in London’s O2 Area on the 14th January. BT used its UltraHD production truck and specialised cameras …

Tags:4k| Broadcast| BT| Large Display Monitor| UK (United Kingdom)| UltraHD (4KTV)| Vol 23 - Issue 02

BT Partners with Netflix

by Tom Allen

UltraHD Netflix content can now be streamed to BT’s new UHD STB.

Tags:4k| BT| Large Display Monitor| STBs| Streaming Video| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 51


BT TV adds 106K TV Users

by Milos Pavlovic

BT in the UK said that it has added 106,000 TV subscribers in Q3 2015, its best ever growth, bringing its TV customer base to 1.3 million. The company highlighted the BT Sport Europe …

Tags:BT| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Pay TV| Vol 22 - Issue 44


BT TV Enjoys Best-Ever Quarter

by Tom Allen

106,000 new TV customers joined BT in Q3, taking its net total to 1.3 million. This quarter saw the launch of BT’s UltraHD package and a new UltraHD STB.

Tags:BT| Large Display Monitor| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 22 - Issue 43


CMA Clears BT’s EE Acquisition

by Tom Allen

BT’s takeover of UK mobile operator EE has been cleared by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority. The watchdog judged that the move, worth £12.5 billion ($19.1 billion), would not cause ‘significant harm’ to …

Tags:BT| Mergers & Acquisitions| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 43