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Magic Leap 02 2014

Magic Leap Working on Head Mounted Display Hardware

by Norbert Hildebrand

Last year, Magic Leap, the Florida-based augmented reality company announced a $542 million financing round with Google leading the way. The announcement came just before Google pulled the plug on the Google Glass Explorer …

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Apple AR 1

Apple Receives Patent for Near to Eye Display Application

by Norbert Hildebrand

The virtual reality market has seen quite a few introductions of smartglasses that allow the user to incorporate a smartphone as the main display for the headset. Such headsets typically come at a lower …

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Panasonic’s Prototype Headset Uses OLED Display

by Tom Allen

Panasonic has shown a VR headset prototype, with an OLED display, at a private show in Japan. The unit shows an omnidirectional image that follows head movements, similar to the Oculus Rift. Panasonic’s prototype …

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Is BMW Working on Augmented Reality Glasses?

by Norbert Hildebrand

According to an article in the Financial Times, BMW is working on an augmented reality headset that will allow the driver to see through the car. The technology is supposedly being revealed at the …

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Meta AR glasses

Meta AR Secures $23 Million in Series A Funding

by Norbert Hildebrand

We have reported before on Meta Augmented Reality as a developer of augmented reality glasses. The California-based company was founded in 2012 and has raised $2 million in its Kickstarter campaign, selling 1,500 AR …

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eD’system Offers Epson Smartglasses

by Raverstead

eD’system in the Czech Republic has started distributing Epson’s Moverio BT-200 smart glasses.

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Oakley Announces Airwave 1.5 With Connection to Garmin Action Camera

by Helen Vince

Head-Up Display –  Oakley has announced its latest Airwave 1.5 ski goggles which include Recon Instrument’s Snow 2 head-up display. There are no technical changes to the Snow 2 HUD however, Oakley is now adding …

Tags:AR Glasses| Garmin| Head Up Displays HUDs| Vol 21 - Issue 44

Toshiba Shows Smartglasses at Ceatec

by Helen Vince

Smartglasses – With Ceatec just opening its doors, Toshiba shows its take on the new smartglasses category. The device is called Toshiba Glass but doesn’t look anything like Google Glass. Several news blogs (PC World, Glass …

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Himax to Develop AR Glasses With Optinvent

by Super User

Himax Display, which manufactures LCOS microdisplays for Himax, is to enter a partnership with Optinvent – producer of the Ora Smart Glasses. The companies will aim to produce ‘next-generation’ AR glasses, using Himax’s LCOS …

Tags:AR Glasses| LCOS| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 36| Volume 21

Oculus Brings New Display to Crescent Bay

by Super User

Announced at the recent Oculus Connect developer conference, ‘Crescent Bay’ is Oculus VR’s newest prototype headset. While the focus appears to be on audio (the unit features built-in removable headphones and custom audio software), …

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Epson Pushes Moverio First

by Super User

We noted at CES that Epson was putting a lot of emphasis on the Moverio glasses product and at Gitex, the company started by showing us the latest iteration, the BT-200. At the moment, …

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