Synaptics Upgrades Integrated Touch/Display Driver

Following its acquisition of Renesas SP Drivers (Synaptics Driving Touch Display Driver Integration), Synaptics is now sampling its ClearPad 4300, the second generation of its combined touch and display driver chip as well as four new display drivers with support for HD, FullHD, WQHD and UltraHD.

The ClearPad 4300 has features including:

  • Glove/touch with moisture/passive pen support
  • Gesture support for wake-up
  • Face detect
  • Grip suppression
  • “Zero” Display Noise
  • Local area auto contrast optimisation and content adaptive brightness
  • Low power from a deep standby mode.

The display drivers (R63424 (UHD), R63450B (WQHD), R63350 (FHD), and R61350 (HD)) are claimed to feature the industry’s smallest chips and the contrast optimisation that is in the 4300. There is also a new colour enhancement technology that can adjust the white level independent of RGBCMY.