Synaptics Unveils New VR Display Driver and VR Bridge

Synaptics, a developer of human interface solutions, has announced sampling of its new ClearView R63455 display driver IC (DDIC), featuring dual-display 1000ppi 2K-per-eye resolution at 90Hz, combined with unique foveal transport support for VR HMDs. The maximum resolution per eye is 2160 x 2400.

In addition, the company’s new VXR7200 VR Bridge solution provides DisplayPort connectivity, supporting full VESA DP1.4 bandwidth via AMD and Nvidia GPUs over tethered USB Type-C.

The company says that combined, these solutions bring the necessary performance and visual support for AR, MR and VR HMDs for applications including gaming, movies, commercial, medical and beyond.​

“Analyst firm IHS Markit is predicting the world-wide VR headset installed base to exceed 90 million units by 2021, and Synaptics is well-poised to lead in these critical human interface advancements,”

said Huibert Verhoeven, senior vice president and general manager, IoT Division, Synaptics.

Analyst Comment

Synaptics said that the chip supports ‘Foveal Transport’, but at press time we had not been able to get a lot of detail, although it suggests that some kind of foveated rendering may be supported. We’ll try to dig out more. (BR)