Synaptics Combines Touch and Display Driver

Synaptics has developed the Clearpad 4191 and Clearpad 4291: the world’s first touch and display driver integration (TDDI) solutions for smartphones and tablets, according to the company. These new solutions combine the touch controller and display driver into a single chip, simplifying design.

The Clearpad 4291, which is available now, supports hybrid in-cell touch designs. It enables the elimination of a separate touch sensor by leveraging existing layers in the LCD display. The 4191, being supplied as samples to tier one OEMs now, goes further; it leverages existing electrodes in the LCD display to register touches.

Analyst Comment

Last week, we reported that Tianma was claiming to be the only supplier of in-cell touch with a single driver chip. It was not clear that the firm was using this Synapitcs chip, however. (BR)