Survey: Google Pixel Takes a Bite Out of Samsung’s Declining Consumer Base

The fall of the Galaxy Note7 has Samsung’s smartphone customers seeking new brands. Now, 40% of current Samsung consumers say they won’t buy another phone from the brand — that’s a 6% increase since the first week of the phone’s U.S. recall on Sept. 15.

Branding Brand, the world’s leading mobile e-commerce platform, conducted its second survey of 1,000 Samsung smartphone owners from October 11-12 to compare consumer confidence to its earlier study, conducted on September 23. The survey also measured increasing interest in other phone brands, including the new Google Pixel.

Packing up, Switching Brands

30% of current Samsung smartphone consumers say they’ve only ever owned that brand of phone. Of those switching from Samsung smartphones:

  • 8% will buy a Google Pixel (new since original survey).
  • 30% will switch to iPhone (down from 34%).
  • 62% will go with another Android phone (up from 57%).

“As we’ve watched the Galaxy Note7 recall and discontinuation play out, even more people say they will switch their smartphone brand,” said Chris Mason, co-founder and CEO of Branding Brand. “Consumers want to be confident in their personal safety and will choose a new smartphone accordingly. Only a week after Google’s smartphone launch, many already have their sights set on the Pixel.”