Sulon Shows Cortex AR/VR Headset

Sulon has been developing its head-mounted display solution since 2012 when the Canada-based company was founded. While it has meanwhile worked on a developer kit for game developers, the headset is now available for pre-order on the company website.

Source: Sulon

The company calls its headset a “spatially aware, wearable head mounted computing platform”. There are no specifications available on the technology behind the front mask and a request for more details hasn’t been answered so far.

From the look of it, the device is a virtual reality headset (not see through) that uses cameras and 3D sensors to include the real world into the rendered reality. The device includes gesture and motion controlled user interface.

The following video shows how this plays out in a first person shooter game.

A more recent video is just a marketing piece that claims that the Cortex will free you from ties with your computer screen in a very dramatic fashion.

The developer kit is for sale at $499. – Norbert Hildebrand