Ströer to Install Five LED Boards in Kiel

Ströer is expanding its digital roadside portfolio in Kiel, the capital city of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. The first three of five large LED boards, 11 square metres each, will be installed at traffic intersections showing city information and will also be available for digital outdoor advertising.

Next month, Kiel Week will be launched and the city is keen to show that it is on its way to becoming a digital city. The first of the digital information boards was officially presented to Kiel’s Lord Mayor, Ulf Kämpfer by Iris Petersen, the branch manager Ströer Deutsche Städte Medien.

Petersen hopes that with the broadcasting of current Kiel topics such as city news and city weather, the project will be a success and create an interesting environment for local advertisers.

The locations of the three LED screens are at the Schützenwall, which is at the corner of the ring road; the Alte Lübecker Chaussee and at the Westring, which is the front of the Holstein stadium. The remaining LED boards will be installed later this year.

The screen resolution is 672 x 432

stroeer Kiel

Analyst Comment

By our calculations, these displays must have a 6mm pitch. (BR)