Statista Summarises European Streaming Challenges

Statista has put together a very interesting infographic on the rise of subscription video on demand (SVOD) services in Europe.

Netflix is, of course, the market leader in SVOD. After a successful debut in North America, the firm has been trying to replicate the process in Europe. However, penetration varies wildly by country. In North America, 71% (USA) and 68% (Canada) of all SVOD users take Netflix; in the three major European markets, that figure is 37% (France), 40% (Germany) and an impressive 80% (UK). There are around 12 million paying SVOD users in Europe, compared to 67 million in North America.

However, warns Statista, European user penetration will not match North America’s. The firm predicts that around 30% of North Americans will be subscribed to an SVOD service by 2020, but only 10% in Germany. Mandatory national broadcasting fees, and a general reluctance to pay for digital subscriptions, are primary reasons for this, with the UK as a notable exception.

See Statista’s full (and large) infographic here: