Start-up Rayleigh Vision Announces Readiness to Mass-Produce its Patented Stacked MicroLEDs

Founded this year, Hong Kong’s Rayleigh Vision is a start-up led by professor Jr-Hau He, and spun out of his department at the City University of Hong Kong. The company has made an announcement that is full of hype about the general MicroLED market and contains a few nuggets of information to suggest that Rayleigh is ready to make a splash with its patented MicroLED stacking technology.

Source: Rayleigh Vision

Each layer modulates color independently, and the company claims it can achieve a four fold increase in pixel density by the end of 2023. Previously, the company had announced a number of MicroLED products including a 0.55 inch full-color MicroLED microdisplay and a 0.38 inch device with a pixel density of 3780 ppi. The company also claims it is achieving 2.5 μm pixels exceeding 10,000 ppi, and that it is poised to go into production with large wafers. It all sounds great but the there is a lack of specifics and details.