Sony’s Lifespace Bundled With High-Contrast Screen

More than a year after it was announced at CES 2014 (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 3), Sony’s Lifespace UX projector – the LSPX-W1S – has been launched in Europe. It is an ultra-short throw model producing DCI-4k resolution images, up to 147″.

Sony’s projector will be available bundled with a new short-throw projection screen from Screen Innovations (SI), for commercial installations. The new screen – the 5 Series Zero Edge – is specifically designed for bottom-throw UST projectors like the LSPX-W1S.

Made from a proprietary optic material, the 5 Series screen has a 180° viewing angle and 700% better contrast than a conventional screen, says SI. This combats the problem of image wash-out in bright environments.

The screen will be available in 92″ – 120″ sizes and starts at $4,200.

Analyst Comment

Of course if you have a laser source from a very acute angle, there is much more you can do to reject ambient light reflection and give much better contrast. In a video, there’s an impressive demonstration of a white card being held in front of the screen, showing how much better the contrast is on the screen.