Sony Result 06/05/2015

Sony Corporation succeeded in narrowing its net loss in the fourth quarter and for the year, as well as increasing turnover. Sony’s net loss in Q4 was ¥108 billion ($903.1 million) on turnover of ¥1.9 trillion ($15.9 billion), which compares with a net loss in the final quarter of the previous year of ¥138.2 billion ($1.1 billion) on turnover of ¥1.8 trillion ($15 billion). For the year, Sony’s net loss reduced to ¥126 billion ($1 billion) from ¥128.4 billion ($1.1 billion), while turnover improved to ¥8.2 trillion ($68.6 billion) from ¥7.7 trillion ($64.4 billion) last year. Sales for the year in Sony’s mobile communications business increased 11% to ¥1.3 trillion ($10.8 billion) while the home entertainment and sound unit achieved a 3.3% increase in sales to ¥1.2 trillion ($10 billion). LCD TV sales increased 10.7% year on year to ¥835.1 billion ($6.9 billion), thanks primarily to a significant increase in TV unit sales in North America, Japan and Europe.

Sony has forecast a return to profit in its new fiscal year of ¥140 billion ($1.2 billion) net profit, though turnover is predicted to decline around 3.8% to ¥7.9 trillion ($66 billion).