Sony Launches 5 New Laser Projectors Including 12000lm/ 9000lm Models For Corporates, Schools And Museums

Sony Professional Solutions Europe has bolstered its laser projector line-up with five new installation models.

The new additions include Sony’s highest brightness installation projections that address the needs for large venues, the VPL-FHZ120L (12,000lm) and for mid-sized class rooms, VPL-FHZ90L (9,000lm), as well as the mid-range VPL-FHZ66 (6,100lm), VPL-FHZ61 (5,100lm) and VPL-FHZ58 (4,200lm) projectors within a compact shell. All models are in WUXGA resolution.

Increased brightness and ease of use

The VPL-FHZ120L and VPL-FHZ90L use a newly-developed LCD panel with enhanced light resistance and, for the VPL-FHZ120L, an optical compensator to realise high contrast that delivers stable brightness and high image quality with vibrant colour reproduction. Furthermore, Sony’s unique ZPhosphor Laser uses a blue laser as its light source alongside a 3LCD optical system, to achieve the full spectrum of light and continuous, clear RGB colour.

The VPL-FHZ120L offers the ideal solution for auditoriums and conference halls, which require AV solutions for live performances and ceremonies. Additionally, the projector covers sRGB100% making it suitable for applications often found in exhibitions and museums which require precise colour reproduction.

The VPL-FHZ90L is suitable for mid-sized classrooms or meeting rooms, even those that have previously struggled to install projectors due to natural lighting or bright spaces. It will enable customers to deliver a complete AV solution that offers vibrant clear images even within ambient lighting. The audience can check on-hand materials or take notes while simultaneously seeing the projected image to help sustain their engagement and, when used in an education setting, support the learning experience.

“We’ve seen a growing demand for High Brightness, large image projection as the merits of laser become more widely known and appreciated in the market,? said Robert Meakin, European Product Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. ?Sony has always led the way with blue laser/phosphor light source technology and these new models will allow us to continue that leadership position.”

Both models also benefit from a new range of features including industry-leading wide lens shift capabilities (Max. Vertical ±107%, Horizontal ±60%) and 6 lens pre-set positions to enhance usability in a range of settings. Also, they offer an HTML content display function that can show customised content such as a company/school logo, news, or advertisements via the network or a USB memory stick when the projector is on without input.

Powerful laser, compact body

Three new mid-range WUXGA models are designed for small to medium rooms – the VPL-FHZ66 (6100lm), VPL-FHZ61 (5100lm) and VPL-FHZ58 (4200lm).

Sony has seen increased demand for laser light source projectors with compact bodies that are compatible with a range of solutions to solve customers’ AV needs, while still being able to fit within the smallest of rooms. The addition of these new models will address both needs, while ensuring that users can take advantage of the full benefits of laser projection – including no need to replace lamps, the stable and fast setup as well as long-lasting brightness.

“Following the success of its predecessors (the FHZ57, FHZ60 and FHZ65) it is clear our customers want to optimise engagement with their content and need a solution that will deliver maximum impact with minimal down-time, lag, or set-up time,? explained Meakin. “The new models offer upgraded brightness improved panel durability, and the addition of Auto Colour Calibration function to ensure Sony’s customers can enjoy further usability”

All of Sony’s new models are compatible with the latest software packages such as Vision Exchange and TEOS Manage that will enable customers to create the next generation of AV solutions.

For more information, come and see Sony at ISE 2018 from 6h to 9th February, stand 1-N20, or visit the Sony website.

Re-cap of New features:


  • Industry-leading wide lens shift (Max. Vertical ±107%, Horizontal ±60%) and a range of optional lens installations to address the varying needs of each customer’s installation.
  • With up to 6 lens pre-set positions the projectors can memorise size, position and aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3) to ensure there is no need to adjust the settings each time it is used.
  • New HTML content display functions that make it possible to project customised images such as a company/school logo, news, or advertisements via the network or a USB stick. This allows customers to make effective use of the projector even when it is not in use for presentations.

All Models

  • The auto colour calibration function enables users to easily maintain the best picture quality by automatically adjusting the colour changes that usually occur with long-term use.
  • Industry-leading quick power On/Off which can be used to start presentations instantly with the projector at full brightness with almost no warm-up/cool down time.

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