Sony Introduces new Entry-level D-series Projectors Featuring Improvements Including Higher Brightness, Better Contrast Ratio and Longer Lamp Life


Sony Professional Solutions Europe has introduced four new D-series projectors to replace its current models. The efficient and easy-to-use desktop projectors feature improvements including higher brightness, better contrast ratio and longer lamp life. Importantly the new models will remain at the same price as the current models, offering customers better value.

“We’re always looking for ways to develop our projectors to better meet the growing requirements of our customers,” said Robert Meakin, Product Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Our D-series desktop models have always included a full-set of features at a cost-effective price point. With these new models we’re offering even more by improving picture quality across the whole range, so our customers get low-maintenance projectors that deliver clear, bright presentations.”

The new VPL-DX221, VPL-DX241, VPL-DX271 and VPL-DW241 models, are all light, compact and energy-efficient, but with a range of resolution and throw options to meet the needs of small to medium sized meeting rooms and classrooms. All D-series projectors include BrightEra with long-lasting optics to ensure high-quality images that are brighter and deliver consistent colour stability. They also include Vivid Mode for richer colours and clearer high-contrast images, as well as five other picture modes so users will always have the correct white balance for their images and environment when combined with one of three brightness modes. The new VPL-DX221 provides even better picture quality with improved contrast ratio.

Ease of use is also key, with all models featuring Auto Start when an HDMI or VGA signal is detected to get presentations up and running faster, and Quick Power Off to save time when hurrying to the next meeting or lesson. Other presenter-friendly features include an on-screen timer to make sure all participants are kept on track.

In addition to these features the VPL-DX221 has an extended lamp life of up to 10,000 hours (to now match the other D-series models), which reduces downtime in busy offices and classrooms.

The new D-series models will be available to purchase from September 2017. The VPL-DX220, VPL-DX240, VPL-DX270, VPL-DW240 will be discontinued.

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