Sony Announces Newest Laser Projectors and Presence at ISE 2016

Sony is broadening its line of laser light source (Z-Phosphor™) projectors in the mid-brightness range with two new models at 5,000 and 6,000 lumens. The new models are the VPL-FWZ65 (6,000lm WXGA) and the VPL-FWZ60 (5,000lm WXGA), complementing the current WUXGA laser range with the recently announced VPL-FHZ57 (4,100lm).

Designed for commercial applications in a variety of environments, including education, corporate, large venue, and entertainment, the new models expand Sony’s range of laser-based professional projectors to a total of 9 models. From 2,000 lumens up to 7,000 lumens, the laser-based projectors are available in WXGA, WUXGA and 4K resolutions.

Sony is committed to its dual strategy and will continue to offer lamp-based versions of its installation 3LCD laser projectors. In support of this, Sony is also unveiling two new lamp projectors, the VPL-FW65(6,300lm WXGA) and VPL-FW60 (5,200lm WXGA). These models will provide users with more options for installation applications that may be better suited to lamp-based projection. The new laser and lamp projectors come with BrightEra® panel technology to reproduce natural-looking and vivid colours.

The new models are designed to deliver enhanced picture quality with features such as “Reality Creation,” a technology already in use by Sony’s home theatre projection systems for high-end consumer entertainment. The Reality Creation engine analyses and processes every input signal to refine detail, clarity and sharpness for naturally up-scaled images. This provides higher-resolution perspective even with the lower resolution WXGA series.

Sony’s laser light source means there’s no wait for a lamp to slowly warm up or cool down, no lamp to limit tilt angle, and no compromise between high brightness and high resolution.

The laser projectors are designed for virtually 20,000 hours of maintenance free operation, and a range of energy-saving features, such as Auto Dimming and Auto Brightness, greatly reduce the total lifetime ownership costs compared to projectors with a conventional lamp source.

All 4 new models have a wide powered lens shift, ideal for installation in challenging environments, for example maintaining audiences’ site lines by installing the projector above a screen, or horizontally avoiding HVAC ducts on the ceiling.

The new models can also be combined with a variety of optional lenses, including a short throw and tele-zoom covering up to 4.84:1 throw range. The bayonet lens mounting system also allows for easier and quicker lens changes.

Sony’s newest lens option is the VPLL-3003 ultra-short throw lens, the world’s first interchangeable ultra-short throw lens for 3LCD projectors. This lens offers sharp focus and minimized picture distortion due to a large mirror system, and easy adjustment of lens shift and focus via remote control. Its 0.33:1 throw ratio allows it to be used in tight spaces.

The lens can project an 80” to 300” diagonal image with minimal throw distance (39” throw distance for 140” diagonal image), making it ideal for small meeting rooms, as digital signage or for use in museums.

The new models all have built-in HDBaseTTM interfaces, enabling easier connectivity and reducing total system costs by using a single cable which runs all the video, audio, control and IP signal up to 100m.

Sony has also developed a new intuitive unified control protocol for its Sony projector line, for easier integration of varying models used in the same installation. Control system manufacture partners including Crestron, Extron and AMX will support Sony’s new control protocol.

“Today we’re excited to introduce our latest installation projectors for the higher education and corporate markets”, said Robert Meakin, Product manager for Business Projectors at Sony Europe, Professional Solutions. “We take great pride in working together with our customers, partners, and dealers to provide solutions that fit their needs. While Sony is the laser projection market leader, conversations with our customers emphasize that lamp technology is still equally important. We’ll continue to support both technologies through our dual laser and lamp strategy – where we introduce a laser based projector, we will also offer a lamp version. Above all, we’re focused on developing solutions that ensure superior colour quality and image sharpness, no matter what the technology.”

Sony´s new projectors will be available in Europe as per the below: