SNA Unveils L.A. Live LED Display Installation


Downtown Los Angeles attraction L.A. Live has enjoyed a grand-scale upgrade with the completion of a new 10-screen LED display project, as announced earlier this week by Sansi North America Displays.

Led by Yesco’s Los Angeles and Las Vegas teams, the installation features a rectangular main courtyard screen, a long ribbon display, six courtyard tower displays, a tight-radius prow screen above the courtyard, and a wall-mounted display outside the Staples Centre.

L.A. Live is also home to the Microsoft Theatre and the Grammy Museum, among a range of other recreational facilities including hotels and restaurants.

The largest screen of the ten is the 20′ by 38′ (6.1m x 11.6m) 750 x 1,440-resolution display located in the courtyard. The ribbon display installed on the wall of the Microsoft Theater stretches out across 121′ (37m), whereas the prow screen is 13′ 6″ by 36′ (4.1m x 11m) with a resolution of 510 x 1,360, and a curvature that allows it to be visible from a 180° angle.

The six identical curved tower displays are placed in a variety of vantage points and span 13′ by 27′ (4 x 8.3m) with a resolution of 480 x 880. Finally, a wall-mounted display situated on the side of the Staples Centre is 16′ by 20′ (4.9m x 6.1m) and displays in 600 x 760 resolution. In total, the ten screens pack more than 5.7 million pixels between them.

Carl Hubben, P.E., director of project management for SNA Displays, said:

“Building a custom radius on eight of the 10 displays we retrofitted in Microsoft Square was a challenge, but with a diligent review process and precision fabrication, everything matched perfectly. We’re definitely proud of the finished product”.” class=”linkOnClick” data-include=”300523902″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>