Skyworth TV Sales During “408 Skyworth Global TV Festival” Exceeded 730,000 Sets, RMB1.3 billion (USD194 million)

SKYWORTH, the pioneer in big-screen AIoT and a leading global television brand, announced the results from the 2019 edition of its annual “408 SKYWORTH Global TV Festival” sales event.

In the 11-day worldwide promotion starting from April 8 that spanned online and offline sale channels, SKYWORTH offered deals on televisions sets from SKYWORTH and its subsidiary brands CooCaa and Sinotec.

In sharp contrast to the stagnant home appliance market of 2019 to date, SKYWORTH’s sales immediately demonstrated strong momentum in the early hours of the Festival. In the first one-and-ahalf hours, over 60,000 devices were sold, totaling over RMB150 million (USD22 million) in sales; the average price of the models sold went up 20% year-on-year.

The strong sales performance continued throughout the entire sales event. By the end of the Festival – midnight on April 18 – over 730,000 television sets had been sold, representing RMB1.3 billion (USD194 million) in revenue.

Demonstrating SKYWORTH’s strength as a global brand, overseas markets accounted for 40% of all sales. An impressive 290,000 TVs were sold outside of China during the Festival, with sales contribution led by the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and southeast Asia. Even in developed markets where competition is fierce, SKYWORTH stood out for its cutting-edge, quality engineering. Germany, for example, was one of the best performing countries among all international markets.

The Festival’s success across global markets demonstrates how SKYWORTH leads not only through technical excellence, but also with a go-to-market strategy. SKYWORTH has set the benchmark for Chinese brands seeking international success with its brand building, strategic partnerships, and supply chain capacity worldwide. As SKYWORTH embarks on its new era of big-screen AIoT, the strong sales results also help gird its strategy of redefining smart homes, in Chinaand around the world.


SKYWORTH Digital Holdings Limited (HKG: 00751) is a leading supplier of uniquely advanced and affordable technology solutions. It is valued in excess of USD 19 billion and employs over 40,000 people worldwide (as of 1 March 2019). Headquartered in Shenzhen, China’s ‘Silicon Valley’, SKYWORTH offers consumer electronics, display devices, digital set-top boxes, security monitors, network communication, semi-conductors, refrigerators, washing machines, cell phones and LED lighting. Founded in 1988, it is now one of the top five color TV brands in the world, with exports exceeding USD76 million in 2018, and a top brand in Chinese display industry market. It is also a top three global provider of the Android TV platform.