Sky Factory Launches eScape 2.0, Smart Digital Cinema Virtual Window with Integrated Platform

Sky Factory’s best–selling Digital Cinema Virtual Window, eScape, now brings the dynamic beauty of nature—real-time moving images and sound in Full HD—in a simpler integrated platform that features an intuitive on-screen menu, easy to order plug and play content, and no longer requires an external playback unit.


“With eScape 2.0’s integrated platform, users can purchase new content by sampling Sky Factory’s online library and taking advantage of the new plug and play delivery system,” says Skye Witherspoon, CEO of Sky Factory. “The new system provides customers with on-demand storage capacity for new content, easy on-screen navigation, and hassle-free installation.”

Utilizing the most advanced RED Digital Cinema™ camera to capture hours of UltraHD proprietary nature footage, eScape 2.0 provides the most engaging biophilic illusion-of-nature available, transforming enclosed interiors into beautiful, healthier, and restorative environments.

Available in two sizes, 46” and 55” monitors, eScape creates a dynamic focal element in interior spaces to create a palpable feeling of openness with compelling audiovisual content mastered and playback in high-bit rate Full HD (higher quality than Blu-ray), lending any enclosed environment a remarkable biophilic experience of nature vistas.

This high-tech illusion features a professional-grade LED edge-lit high-definition LCD screen embedded in a full-size casement window. Sky Factory utilizes the world’s finest digital imaging technology and professional-grade components designed for years of 24/7 operation. eScape features industrial-strength, premium-grade panels with additional thermal protection, internal temperature sensors with self-diagnostics, and quiet fan-based technology.

Designed to affect spatial perception, biophilic illusions are representations of nature so realistic that they trigger the same relaxation response people experience outdoors in nature. Psycho-physiological benefits include stress and fatigue mitigation, relaxation and restored emotional balance, increased mental clarity and well-being, improved productivity and cognitive function, etc.

Unique Features

  •     Each system includes eight, 12, or 16 hours of captivating nature footage
  •     Individual nature scenes typically run over 60 minutes to engage viewers
  •     Unedited footage of pristine, wild nature
  •     Proprietary vertically-composed footage cannot be found anywhere else
  •     LED edge-lit HD LCD screens and components designed to withstand 24/7 operation for many years
  •     Stylish trim options and recessed casing designed to be perceived as a window rather than a TV hung on the wall
  •     Ambient nature sounds enhance multisensory experience


  •     Healthcare – waiting areas, nurse stations, patient rooms, pre and post-op
  •     Luxury Retail – store-within-a-store, boutiques, upscale departments
  •     Hospitality – hotel lobbies, restaurants, spas, casinos
  •     Commercial – corporate offices, trading rooms, call centers
  •     Institutional – deep plan buildings, schools, labs, public spaces
  •     High-end Residential – enclosed bedrooms, living rooms, basements