SiliconCore Redefines LED Technology with LISA Platform

SiliconCore has announced the launch of a new technology platform, LISA (LED In Silicon Array), once again rewriting the rules of LED with a radical departure of how LED displays are manufactured.

The launch makes SiliconCore the first LED display creator to successfully implement Chip On Board (COB) manufacturing, which combines with its award winning Common Cathode technology to create a highly innovative large format display platform. The first prototype using the LISA platform, in a 1.9mm pixel pitch display, will be expected to ship in June.

LISA is the most disruptive technology in the LED display marketplace for decades, representing a departure from the usual SMD manufacturing process. The individual Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are directly bonded to the PCB’s, removing the use of traditional Surface Mount Diodes (SMDs) on the board to make the module mechanically more robust and rigid, increasing its durability. SiliconCore’s unique process also brings significant visual benefits including improved color uniformity and reduced color shift for exquisite displays throughout the product lifetime.

LISA will be the future of SiliconCore’s signature high resolution applications including command and control, corporate, home theatre, and high end retail applications. LISA creates a new wave in immersive LED displays with pixel pitches ranging up to 10mm and 8000 nits and opening up a variety of forms.

This innovation also opens up new avenues for market implementation, in OOH and outdoor applications thanks to its robust design. LISA is ideal for high footfall public spaces without risk of damaging the pixels. It can also be used for touch applications without the need to apply a glass overlay for protection.

Eric Penot, COO of SiliconCore explains:

“The LISA manufacturing method allows our engineers to work in precise levels of detail by streamlining the manufacturing process and improving the structural integrity of the module, ensuring pixels cannot be damaged during installation and throughout product lifetime.

“This is the future of LED display creation and will over time replace the industry norm of Surface-Mounted-Device (SMD). As an integrated silicon based solution, economies in scale are expected to be reached opening even larger opportunities for high resolution LED displays in public spaces and high quality solutions for corporate, retail and rental clients.”

These incredible benefits are further enhanced by that of SiliconCore’s unique Common Cathode technology, managing power consumption and efficiency. SiliconCore has also continued with advancements in its own patented driver chip, which features a high speed pixel clock to ensure outstanding visual performance without compromise by significantly advancing the data bandwidth. This is the highest performance driver chip in the industry with double the scan rate and a fourfold increase in processing speed, reducing the number of chips required per display up to 75%.